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646f9e108c Host Mack checks out the latest and greatest in Military defense–and offense, and introduces the bizarre characters that spend their lives inventing new ways to obliterate the enemy. Big guns, smart bombs; no weapon is off-limits.
When I first heard about this show coming, I was quite excited to see what was it actually going to be about. My expectations were met all the way! Every episode presents few of the 'future weapons' - technical specifications and downrange tests - hosted by Mack, an ex-Navy SEAL. Every episode, every new weapon had a unique freshness and originality to it that made the show extremely watchable and exciting… which brings me to Season 3. When taking a look back onto previous seasons, I cannot shake this feeling that Season 3 was recorded under coercion, without inspiration and, probably, hoping to win watchers on show's previous glory. The weapons that were presented lacked the originality of Season 1&2, there was nothing special about them and it seemed like the producers worked hard to find anything 'future' just as to fill the show's runtime (results = less originality). Thumbs down for Season 3 - it could be better!
Don&#39;t get me wrong, I know how to rate on a 10 scale and this show doesn&#39;t deserve to be higher than 4. I hate it so much that I go political every time I see it on the discovery channel.<br/><br/>Do not boast until you see the enemy dead.<br/><br/>Some ex US navy guy tells us about the FUTURE of warfare. The show covers everything from bullets and guns to planes and bombs. Looking at it you must ask yourself &quot;If war breaks out tomorrow I will have this stuff as standard issue?! I&#39;m so cannon fodder.&quot; Does anybody think of how this stuff will be deployed in actual combat?! Half of the developers never had their face in the mud under heavy fire. How can they be EXPERTS to develop weapons for boys on foreign grounds? They always say &quot;Our weapon is the best&quot; without actually having hundreds of satisfied costumers. And do they really believe that it will only serve THEIR side? Really.<br/><br/>It&#39;s &quot;real fun&quot; to drag around 20kg explosive rods for barbwire. Remember school physics about mass and energy not despairing. That wire will fly everywhere as shrapnel. If the enemy is near I would rather spend 20min with 2kg pliers and not lose the element of surprise. <br/><br/>Miniature rifles just don&#39;t look intimidating. What is the point of making a super fast gun with a clip of 20 bullets?! The soldiers will be spending more time on reload than actual combat, wasting bullets on individual targets. Why add so much crap on a gun? A flashlight, a laser scope, a sniper scope, a grenade launcher, a compass and a makeup kit for an indoor fight?! Yes, some of this stuff is useful, but not all of it at the same time. And what if there is a natural wear and tear malefaction in the firing mechanism? All that stuff becomes useless as the gun! It will never beat 2 rifles and pack of grenades. I will NOT disassemble the gun unless there is a malfunction, and will NOT drag around extra parts for it. It&#39;s cheaper, safer, faster and easier to pick up enemy weapons on the battlefield.<br/><br/>&quot;Our armor is super reliable but I won&#39;t put it on to demonstrate on myself. See this dummy¬Ö&quot; That inspires confidence.<br/><br/>Most of the stuff is NOT COST-EFFICIENT. Take one episode where they talk about smart bombs and shows a big bad ass none-nuke bomb destroy a simulated area. Accurate, yes, practical and useful, no. The bomb was delivered by a Hercules plane. Is there a target that needs a million dollar bomb dropped on it without an AA? And what AA can&#39;t shoot down an incoming Hercules?! The presentation is noting more than a cheap commercial.<br/><br/>Take just the first 2 episode names &quot;No Place to Hide&quot; and &quot;Stealth&quot;. So witch is it?.<br/><br/>It could be great to watch if it actually had NEW technology (we live in the 21st century not mid 20) like hand-held rail guns, photon canons, EMP grenades or sonic pistols, not slightly better stuff than what we had 20-30 years ago. All they do is show how military contractors full around with the basic mechanisms for billions.

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