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Sunburn Full Movie Hindi Download

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646f9e108c After a rich old man dies in a suspicious car accident in Acapulco, his widow wants his insurance company to pony up five million dollars. A hotshot investigator Decker (Charles Grodin) and a charming model (Farrah Fawcett) come in to check it out.
Richard Sarafian&#39;s &quot;Sunburn&quot; is very much lighthearted comedy. It&#39;s not a movie that&#39;ll give you belly laughs, nor is there anything serious or explicit about it. Most of the humor derives from Charles Grodin&#39;s and Farrah Fawcett&#39;s personalities bouncing off each other. Nonetheless, the movie is a neat look at Acapulco (although I&#39;m sure that the city is a lot more developed now), and the car chase at the end is to die for. That&#39;s what it is. Nothing special, just a plain old comedy/murder mystery.<br/><br/>Aside from the main stars and Art Carney, other cast members include Joan Collins, William Daniels (Dustin Hoffman&#39;s father in &quot;The Graduate&quot;), Keenan Wynn (Bat Guano in &quot;Dr. Strangelove&quot;) and Alejandro Rey (Carlos Ramirez on &quot;The Flying Nun&quot;, on an episode of which Fawcett played one of his love interests).
I remember being very upset when Farrah left TV and started making movies. It was before VCRS and DVDS so once she was gone there was no way to see her every week. The movies that she made once she left didn&#39;t help with getting your Farrah fix. She still looked beautiful, but they didn&#39;t capture her personality the way her TV show was able to. This is a starring role for Farrah Fawcett (her second film after leaving Charlie&#39;s Angels) but it is Joan Collins who turns out to be the sexier of the two and who steals the film despite her small role. Charles Grodin is seriously miscast and makes the film hard to watch. Luckily the scenery is beautiful and so are the two women. This was the movie that made me realize how sexy Joan Collins really is. Watch her vamp it up in her Pre-Dynasty days.

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